Take 7

Celebrating 1000 views of the blog, here are seven of my favourite videos that have featured so far. It’s the nature of the beast that most of the cover versions that appear on this blog were obscure singles, b-sides or album tracks that weren’t made with accompanying videos. That said, here are some exceptional exceptions…

  1. Blue Monday by Orkestra Obsolete

Machine music sans machines, I love it…

2. I Feel Love by Blue Man Group with Venus Hum

The guys painted blue I can take or leave, for me it’s all about that amazing dress…

3. Meet The Flintstones by The B-52s

The idea for a live action Flintstones film may have been a terrible one, but the B-52s cover of the theme song is perfectly cast and they genuinely do all look like they’re having a gay old time…

4. Bumble Boogie by Liberace

About as charming as charming gets, I love the cheeky little winks he gives to the camera…

5. Mickey by Tony Basil

An obscure alternative TV Special video of Tony’s hit single Mickey, choreographed by Tony herself…

6. Sound and Vision by Beck

It’s just such a joy to watch so many musicians and so many different instruments from so many different disciplines and genres, all on stage at the same time, having a blast…

7. Aquarius by Raquel Welch

It’s hard to top this one for sheer ambition and bonkersness…with a setting this epic, and costumes this fabulous, who cares what the song sounds like?

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