Blue Monday – Orkestra Obsolete

Asked by the BBC to make three short films about the synthesiser, Scottish musician Angus McIntyre had the idea of re-imaging New Order’s classic Blue Monday without synthesisers and featuring only instruments that would have been available in the 1930s. These instruments included a theremin, musical saw, ukulele-banjo, tongue drum, piano strings, lap steel, harmonium, clavioline, singing glasses, double bass and drums.

New Order’s Blue Monday was released in 1983 by Factory Records and is the biggest selling 12″ single of all time, although the original artwork designed by Peter Saville, was so expensive to produce that the label lost money on every sale.

New Order’s Bernard Sumner later said of Blue Monday: “I don’t really see it as a song. I see it as a machine designed to make people dance.”


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