Sound and Vision – Beck

One of my all time favourite cover versions. Beck throws everything and the kitchen sink into this joyous celebration of all things musical. Performed as a one-off event in Los Angeles, 2013 with a 157 piece orchestra and Beck on a rotating stage, there are strings, brass, two choirs (classical and gospel), heavy metal guitars, marimbas, Alpine horn, mandolin, theremin, Chinese instruments, vintage electronics, marching band drummers, samba players, a man playing a singing saw, and even a bit of yodelling.

In contrast to Beck’s celebration of community, David Bowie’s Sound and Vision originally appeared on the album Low in 1977 and was described by Bowie as his “utimate retreat song”, following a long period of drug addiction and touring in America, Bowie sits alone in a cold blue room with the blinds drawn, drifting into solitude, awaiting “the gift of sound and vision”.

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