Play With Fire – Andrew Oldham Orchestra

I have to say I like this as much as the original and if there was a vocal version I’d probably like it better. The Andrew Oldham Orchestra, a studio group put together by Oldham (who was the Rolling Stones original manager and producer) released five albums during the 1960s including The Rolling Stones Songbook in 1965. Also appearing on that album was a version of The Last Time, which caused decades of misery for The Verve after they sampled it for Bittersweet Symphony.

Originally the B-Side of The Last Time, Play With Fire was recorded in Los Angeles with Phil Spector (who also played bass on the track) and later appeared on the American release of their 1965 album Out Of Our Heads.

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Then I Kissed Her – Ingemar Bergman Troop

The Ingemar Bergman Troop were a Swedish trio whose members had previously played together in the prog-rock band Kaipa. Their reworking of Then I Kissed Her was released as a single in 1981.

Then I Kissed Her was originally recorded by The Beach Boys in 1965 as a reworking of The Crystals’ 1963 Then He Kissed Me, co-written and produced by Phil Spector. The Beach Boys version changed the gender of the narrator and added new lyrics to tell the story from the boyfriend’s point of view.

In the mid 1970s Bruce Springsteen was performing the song live, changing the title and lyric to Then She Kissed Me which was also the approach taken by Kiss on their album Love Gun in 1977.

In 1988 a Bhangra inspired cover of Then He Kissed Me was released in the UK featuring Nazia Hassan, South Asia’s ‘Queen of Pop’, performing alongside Rita Wolf and Meera Syal under the group name Saffron.