Hotel California – The Moog Cookbook

A tour-de-force of almost every kitsch seventies synth cover trope in the book – from pan-pipe serenade to baroque pop and space disco – the Moog Cookbook’s cover of The Eagles’ Hotel California featured on their second album Ye Olde Space Band in 1997.

The Moog Cookbook were formed by American musicians Roger Manning (ex Jellyfish) and Brian Kehew as a parody of and tribute to the novelty Moog records of the late sixties and early seventies. Hotel California by The Eagles first appeared on their 1976 album of the same name.

I remember getting my ex-girlfriend’s brother-in-law to buy the Moog Cookbook’s two studio albums for me in Canada because I couldn’t get them over here back in the late nineties. He was very kind. He didn’t even ask for the money for them. He was a doctor. One time we went with him on a call to a local Mennonite community. An old man was dying. He tended to the old man while two generations of his family sat on their couch and sang bluegrass gospel to us, in perfect harmony.