Paradise City – Johnny Aloha

Johnny Aloha’s cover of Paradise City appeared on the 2010 album Lavapalooza. Johnny Aloha is a character created and portrayed by Los Angeles based actor, comedian and singer Mark Jonathan Davis (aka Richard Cheese).

Paradise City was the fifth single from Guns N’ Roses 1987 album Appetite for Destruction. The song was conceived in the back of a rental van after the band were returning from a gig in San Fransisco, with the beginning of the song being improvised by guitarist Slash and the rest of the group joining in. Ex Guns member Tracii Lords suggests that the song’s structure is based on a sped up version of the Black Sabbath track Zero the Hero from their 1983 album Born Again, while Hanoi Rocks guitarist Andy McCoy says Paradise City borrows heavily from several of his band’s songs, especially Lost In The City.

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